Eileen is an app that makes it easy for people to give to charities, by creating  a system that is easier for them to understand and interact with. 
This  project was done during my 10 week part timGeneral Assembly Introduction to UX Design course. 

“People don’t like to go out of
their way to do things, that’s
the American way. It’s about

“I pay 10 dollars month on hulu, why can’t I donate? Part of making things happen is sacrifice.”

The Problem

How can we make the donation experience better and more appealing to users.

When I began to research people's donation behaviors I started by doing interviews. I wanted to learn why and when people donated, how often they donated, what organizations they donated too and what devices they used to do so. Through these interviews I began to realize trends in what people said.
I also did a survey that helped paint a clear picture of the problem. The lack of convenience of current donations methods.

Through this research process that main takeaways were 

1. People want to donate and most people can.
2. Most people do not donate on a month to month basis,
they usually only do it when a specific event touches them.
3. People crave transparency, they want to know where their
money is going and if the charity or organization is trustworthy.
4. People don’t want to be made to feel guilty.
5. People don’t want to think.

The Solution 

A web app that that allows users to easily give month to month donations by seamlessly integrating the act of giving into their everyday life. It would do this by taking a small percentage of your everyday card purchases to be donated on a month to month basis.
I believe that by creating a more transparent, easy and intimate way for people to donate to organizations we will achieve a higher rate of repeat donations.


Guided by my research I created an app that a list of key aspects too it:
- Convenience
- Simple
- Social
- Transparency & Ratings

Below are a few of the screens I created for Eileen as well as a video showing the journey of a new user using the app. Also, here is a link to my Invision prototype so you can click through it, if you wish.